B. Simone On Holiday Heartbreak

B. Simone is an American rapper, singer, comedian, beautician, internet personality, and actress, who was one of the recurring cast members on Season 9 but later returned to the show in Season 11 of the improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out on MTV and VH1. Simone has been working on adding more credit to her IMdb…

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LisaRaye Is The Real McCoy!

The last time I interviewed LisaRaye McCoy was in 2017 when she was starring in Je’Caryous Johnson’s stage play “Married But Single“. Actress, model, and businesswoman LisaRaye is known for All Of Us, The Wood, Beauty Shop, Singles, and the popular film Playas Club. During that time, her scars were still raw from her very…

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Catching Up With Actress Keesha Sharp

10 years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing actress Keesha Sharp. Back then she was making a name for herself playing Monica on the hit TV series, Girlfriends. A lot has changed with her since then. Keesha has taken on several different roles. She starred in Lethal Weapon as Trish Murtaugh where she played a high-powered…

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A Toast With Jason Duerlo On His New Partnership

With infectious hits like “Wiggle,” “Talk Dirty” and his latest number one hit “Savage Love,” singer, songwriter, dancer, and businessman Jason Derulo has sold over 50 million singles and has accumulated 46.7 million followers on Instagram and TikTok. And like many of us during quarantine, Jason had the opportunity to step back and think about his goals. This includes showcasing his rebellious and creative…

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