October 7, 2016

Interview: Shawn Wayans In Living Color

They say laughter is good for the soul

If you know me personally, then you know I love to laugh and I’m extremely silly. As a kid, I stayed glued to shows like In Living Color, Martin and The Jamie Foxx Show. Watching these shows gave me a profound appreciation for comedians. The dedication, hard work and ability is nothing to minimize. Shawn Wayans (along with his brothers) have been keeping me entertained for quite sometime. I truly appreciate them for that. So, it only made sense for me to sit down with the funnyman to chat with him before his set at The Chicago Improv.

Shawn Wayans is an American actor, DJ, producer, writer and comedian who starred in In Living Color, The Wayans Bros., and White Chicks. -Wikipedia

We talked about Marlon, how he started his comedy career and more. Take a look at the hilarious interview and then purchase your tickets to see him this weekend at Chicago Improv.

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