September 23, 2016

Funny Friday: EMPIRE Cast Behind The Scenes Funny Moments

Earlier this week I shared a post of my coverage from the Empire Season 3 gold carpet. The video has been getting a lot of love ever since I posted it, which is awesome. However, there were a lot of LOL moments that I did not get to show you. So combined with TGIF, I wanted to also coin today “Funny Friday” and share a few behind the scenes moments with the cast/crew that made me laugh. If you’re silly like me, I’m sure these clips might make you laugh too.

Happy “Funny” Friday! Enjoy!




  1. […] last time that I got a chance to interview Romeo Miller, was on the red carpet for the hit TV show Empire. At the time, the young rapper turned actor had been really making his mark on the TV/film screens. […]

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