September 20, 2016

Tune Into Fatal Attraction On TV One!

Hey Guys!

On several occasions, I’ve worked with the producers of Fatal Attraction on TV One. You may have caught me on a few episodes providing commentary on several cases. A couple months ago, I worked with them on the Nailah Franklin case.

Fatal Attraction on TV One
This tragic story hit home for a lot of Chicagoans. I remember when a few of my Facebook friends talked about her disappearance and then mourned her loss.

If you watched TV One last night, then you caught me on your TV screen. I completely forgot to give you guys a heads up about the episode. However, I appreciate the supporters who reached out and complimented me.

Hi Nekia, I was watching you talk about the death of Nailah Franklin in 2007 on the show Fatal Attraction on TV ONE…

Posted by Gloria Kellum-Bell on Monday, September 19, 2016

To see a re-run of the episode, tune into Fatal Attraction on TV One or check your local listings.



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