September 19, 2016

Interview: Ashley Graham Gives Model Advice On Boobs, Bras & More

For years, Ashley Graham has been the voice for plus-size women around the globe. It’s only now that many are hearing what she has to say. With the spotlight on her, she’s made sure everyone is aware that she’s unapologetic about her curves and confidence. During her modeling career, she teamed up with Addition Elle to launch a lingerie line.

Ashley & the masterminds of Addition Elle worked together to create a line of lingerie that’s trendy, flattering and fashionable for plus size women across Canada and the United States.

While she was in Chicago for her Nordstorm launch, Ashley Graham gave me model advice on boobs, bras and more. After this interview, I can see why Ashley is a fan favorite. She’s extremely nice and personable which made the interview enjoyable. Hopefully when she’s back in town, I will have a chance to catch up with her again.

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