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5 Must-Have Products For Your “New Year, New Me” Resolution

January 13, 2023

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As we say goodbye to 2022 and welcome in 2023, “new year, new me” is everyone’s mantra of choice. It’s pretty catchy, isn’t it? If you ask me, I think you’re pretty great as you are! However, if you want to enhance your natural beauty and live your best life, we’ve put together a list of a few products to help you make 2023 the best year yet!

Whether you want to focus on your fitness, finally establish a skincare routine, commit to staying hydrated every day, or detox from holiday celebrations with an alcohol-free Dry January, I’ve got you covered with a list of products from brands I use and trust. Don’t fall for the ads that would make you believe you’re not enough just as you are. Instead, make it your 2023 resolution to use these products and show the world exactly how great you are right now!


The BOSU® Home Balance Trainer is the perfect choice for working on balance, strength and flexibility training, as well as delivering a killer cardio workout that’s fun. It challenges the entire body with integrated, multi-joint movements requiring muscle groups to simultaneously work together. The BOSU® Home Balance Trainer is designed for the casual home user. Ideal for basic balance training, core workouts, cardio or full-body workouts. It is designed with six non-slip feet and meant to withstand normal everyday home-usage.

Jumpstart your path to better health in 2023, with the Bosu Home Balance Trainer, you won’t regret it.


Foster healthy habits in 2023 with ShineWater! They’ve reimagined what a hydration beverage should be, with zero compromises. They create superior beverages that promote optimum health using the power of natural ingredients, zero sugar, and Vitamin D – the ultimate powerful hydration.

ShineWater provides the vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals you need without the addition of sugar or artificial ingredients. Each nutrient is carefully chosen based on nutrition science and delivered in amounts that matter.

Support bone health, immune function, and athletic performance with Vitamin D. ShineWater battles against insufficient Vitamin D levels with 100% of your recommended daily intake per bottle – Shine on. That’s why they call it Sunshine In A Bottle.

Pick up your ShineWater aka Sunshine In A Bottle today at Target, Meijer, and 7-Eleven.


New year, new skin care routine? Get an edge up on creating that summer glow with the launch of AMBI’s new hydroquinone-free Dark Spot Fade Collection, products and packaging. AMBI Even & Clear Fade Serum Retinol is a powerful, yet gentle, dual-action formula, clinically shown to help reduce the appearance of dark marks and skin discolorations, while improving the skin’s texture, the appearance of skin tone evenness, and enlarged pores.

It’s formulated with niacinamide and encapsulated retinol to smooth skin imperfections and hyaluronic acid and ceramides for a double dose of moisture, this serum is an essential part of achieving overall healthy-looking skin.

AMBI offers a variety of facial care products including cleansers, soaps, treatments, moisturizers, creams and serums. They’re a trusted name in skincare with a legacy of products proven to cleanse and moisturize skin of color, leaving it smooth and even-toned.


AMBI Even & Clear Facial Fade Cream is a clinically studied treatment that gradually fades and corrects dark spots and discolorations, including those caused by acne. It improves uneven skin tone and deeply hydrates skin for a radiant and smooth appearance.This formula safely and effectively delivers results in as little as 4 weeks and improves skin tone with continued use.

Helps fight hyperpigmentation, evens skin tone and deeply hydrates to restore skin’s moisture balance. It also calms and soothes the skin and is dermatologist tested and fragrance free


Demand for Mocktails is growing: In 2021, sales of non-alcoholic beverages rose 33% to $331 million. While the growth in demand for mocktails is good news for road safety, alcohol remains a major contributing factor to motor vehicle crashes.

For Americans who are starting the New Year alcohol free with Dry January, Allstate has a tasty alternative for people to consider at their next social gathering. Continuing its legacy of safe driving advocacy, Allstate created Allstate Good Sips, a collection of signature mocktails that can help keep drivers safe for the start of the new year.

Allstate has been working to keep drivers safe for over 90 years, from advocating for mandatory seat belts and air bags and offering savings for safe driving with Drivewise®. Allstate Good Sips mocktails have ingredients that can help improve alertness – and ensure designated drivers have tasty alternatives at social gatherings. The menu includes three mocktails, the Safetini, Sober Safe and 10 & 2.

Safetini: A nonalcoholic take on a classic martini, blending blue curacao syrup, soda water, lime juice and fresh mint, topped with cranberries. It’s a refreshing blue mocktail inspired by Allstate’s signature color.

Viewers can visit Allstate on Instagram for the mocktail recipes to try out all the Good Sips mocktails at home.



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