Hi there! I’m Nekia, a brand strategist and
OG lifestyle + entertainment blogger.

Gatekeeping season is over! You are going to learn about everything 

and a little bit of sass

changing the world with kindness, laughter....

My resume will tell you that I’m an entertainment/lifestyle reporter + expert, TV host, and pop culture commentator. My friends? Well, they’ll tell you that I’m a certifiably silly go-getter. I’m known for my infectious personality and my contagious laugh-- symbolically speaking, of course!

While some kids let the “you can be anything you want to be” go in one ear and out the other, I took it to heart and I ran with it. Journalism became my passion-- and I didn’t just want to make a splash-- I set my sights on cannonballing into the industry, getting the first scoop, sharing never-before-told stories, and changing the world with kindness, laughter… and a little bit of sass.

When I hit a roadblock, did I give up? No way! I poured some concrete and built my own dang highway! And you know what? That roadblock I’d hit before-- gone! From professional ladder climber to executive producer & co-host of a local entertainment show, radio host, morning news anchor, and on-air traffic reporter (yep-- The Loop is STILL under construction), I thought I’d made it. I’ve chatted with Queen Latifah, had an emotional interview with BJ the Chicago Kid, and Jesse Spencer told me he likes my swagger (be sure to say that one in an Australian accent)! But something was missing, and that something was YOU! 

So I took out that tool belt again and I’m building a new road-- one where paying it forward is not just about dollars, manifestation leads to spiritual enlightenment, social media is about community over competition, and the clock doesn’t hold me hostage from 9-5. (Now, my clock measures the cooking time of my stir fry-- or, let’s be honest-- the UberEats driver’s progress.) There are only two rules on this new path: 

Rule #1: Do what makes you happy.
Rule #2: Empower others to do the same.

On this road, there’s room for everyone, and I’m inviting you on the road trip of a lifetime. Together, we’ll navigate the ups, downs, joys of entrepreneurship and building a brand.

I’m pursuing my passion and creating my own happiness. For me, that looks like building a media empire,  being an in-demand entertainment + lifestyle media personality, and educating others on how to build their brand. These days, I’m just as comfortable sitting at home, perusing the top beauty trends to share with you as I am chatting with celebrities on red carpets. (Ok, maybe confident is a better word...those high heels on the red carpets are anything but comfortable!)

Some say I’m crazy for choosing digital divahood (heavy on the digital content, light on the diva) over traditional media… and they may be right! But nothing lights me up like taking risks for a life filled with passion. And my biggest passion? Empowering and helping YOU to discover what makes your heart sing, your soul soar, and your toes do that little tippy tap of excitement because you’ve found your thing.

Friend, you are welcome here. And not in the “ask to grab a glass of water” kind of way. You know where the glasses are (and you know we’re drinking wine, not water), so pour yourself a glass, and pour me one, too! I hope you’ve got a while because we have a LOT to catch up on! I’ll be sharing my journey (the good, the bad, and the ugly), tips for pursuing your passion along with building your brand, and all the entertainment/ lifestyle content you've known (and loved) me for in the past.

So from me (behind the laptop and in front of the camera) here in Chicago, to you wonderful humans, wherever you are in the world, I am beyond excited to live out our dreams together, laugh together, and learn together. Inspiration and empowerment begin right now. Let’s get this adventure started!

-xx Nekia

Watch Me Work

From Hollywood red carpets, to showcasing products on  lifestyle segments -- Nekia is the top media personality in the 3rd largest market. IYKYK!


The Media Personality 


I was a traffic reporter working in Chicago for a couple of my favorite radio stations. It felt like a dream. Until it... wasn't. 

Oh boy, let me tell you, being a traffic reporter in Chicago was a wild ride. I mean, I got to talk on the radio all day and people actually listened to me! But eventually, the novelty wore off. Being cooped up in a tiny room with nothing but a computer and a microphone for company got real old, real fast. Plus, I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't living out my true purpose, I knew I was meant for something more. After 6 years, I decided to take a leap of faith and see if working as a news anchor would be more fulfilling.... it wasn't. I realized that I enjoyed the lighter side of news, hence the reason why I'm laser focused on entertainment + lifestyle. I want to work in a environment that keeps my spirits up. So I embraced digital divahood like a badge of honor and freelanced my way into a full fledged business

So savvy, so sassy!

Now I've found a new purpose, helping brands show up on social media with style and strategy.

Nekia 2.0 is in full effect! I've got a new gig that's even cooler than being a traffic reporter (yes, it's possible!). Through The N Brand I'm now using my digital savviness to help brands take over the world... err, I mean, show up on social media with style and strategy. It's the perfect combination of creativity and business, 

With my help, your brand can soar to new heights on social media, commanding attention and making an impact in your industry. Gone are the days of aimlessly posting and hoping for the best. It's time to show up with intention and purpose, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Let's make your brand the talk of the town (and the internet)! 

It's like being a superhero, but instead of saving the world, I'm saving your brand from obscurity!


Nekia Nichelle is the founder of  The N Brand. She's an OG entertainment & lifestyle blogger who launched the new digital media outlet, JustNLife.com. She hopes to be known for bringing a level of sparkle to social and teaching others how to build their brand. 




I live for a great blazer. Seriously, I'm, starting to collect them like coins. Everyone looks better in a blazer. 


I can't do a split. Never have been able to. Probably never will. #secretshame


I say my favorite show is Dateline, but it's actually A Different World. #90'sTVbuff


I still wear skinny jeans and side part my hair and use the cry-laugh emoji. Suck it, Gen Z. 

Now here's a quiz I can't fail! Smoothies, sushi, and self-care this is your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

A Snickers Bar

celeb i'd love to

Meghan Markle or Oprah

cocktail order

Something Sweet & Sparkling or Wine Me Down

alternate universe job:

Actor or Singer...still trying to decide.

 place i wanna go:

Santorini. Give me all that white and blueee.

weird food combo

Applesauce Bread, thank me later

can't live without


usually craving

Sushi, smoothies and shrimp, maybe all in one meal

beach vs mountains

Beach, beach, baby

ideal sunday morning

Late start, lounging and a sprinkle of self-care

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