August 30, 2017

#WCW Series With Interior Designer Jacinta Mercier-Fisher

Jacinta Mercier-Fisher is just fabulous! I met Jacinta years ago and her spirit can light up a room. That’s literally what she is doing now, “lighting up rooms” with her interior design business, JMF Interior Design.

 Jacinta Mercier-Fisher, owner of JMF Interior Design, is dedicated in helping individuals and businesses create captivating and beautiful spaces. Through our personalized design services and products, we provide customized interiors to fit our clients’ lifestyle, budget, and timeline.

Having a knack to create beauty from a blank canvas is a special skill that I don’t have. Jacinta is one of those people that makes it look so easy.

Who’s a woman you know that is crushing it? Put the link of their bio below. I might feature them.



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