November 19, 2020

VLOGMAS PT 1: Christmas Shopping In 2020


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I know that I’m SUPER early with this Vlogmas but since Chicago just issued a “Stay At Home” Advisory due to the pandemic and we were in the vicinity of Hobby Lobby, we wanted to get some of our Christmas decor shopping done earlier. Shopping in a pandemic is such a different experience and seems like it’s going to be our new norm.

I have to admit that I’ve never been shopping in Hobby Lobby. The last time I attempted to go my boyfriend rushed me out of the store. I was excited to see all the Christmas goodies I could get my hands on. I decided to vlog my adventures! This is only part 1 of my VLOGMAS so stay tuned for more.



  1. […] couple of weeks ago, I took you guys with me shopping at Hobby Lobby for Christmas decorations. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to deck the halls and put up my Christmas […]

  2. […] exactly what I did. Right after Thanksgiving, I started doing my Christmas decor shopping! I posted a Vlog that showed me taking my first trip to Hobby Lobby in the middle of a pandemic (no less). During that time, we found some holiday pieces that would […]

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