March 14, 2017

Trial & Error Stars Sherri Shepherd & Nick D’Agosto

After being wow’d tonight by the dozens of talented singers on The Voice, hang out on the couch to laugh. The wildly funny comedy series, Trial & Error, will follow the popular singing competition.

Starring John Lithgow, Nick D’Agosto, and Sherri Shepherd Trial & Error is about a young city lawyer who takes on his first big murder case in a wacky small town

30 Rock From The Sun was one of my favorite shows to watch with John Lithgow. Catching previews of Trial & Error took me back to that quirky character he use to play. It’s exciting to see him back on comedic series making me laugh.

Recently, Sherri Shepherd & Nick D’Agosto dished on what we can expect to see on tonight’s premier. The hilarious spoof comedy series can be seen after The Voice at 10/9C.

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