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September 25, 2020

The Girlfriend, Golden Brooks, On Girlfriends


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If someone would have told me weeks ago that I would be going live with Miss Golden Brooks from Girlfriends, I would have said “Oh! Hell No!” At the beginning of this month, there was a lot of media buzz surrounding the show’s resurgence on Netflix and it’s 20th anniversary (first aired September 11th, 2000).

Girlfriends is an ensemble sitcom focusing on a mixed batch of black women who face life’s tests and triumphs together. From dating to divorce and friends to family to relationships, Joan, Maya, Lynn, and Toni support each other despite their differing backgrounds, learning about true friendship in the process.

Typically in those types of situations (when there’s a lot of media surrounding something) smaller outlets, especially minority, get left out of the mix. So I just assumed that reaching out would be pointless but my inner Maya unleashed and I said “Oh Hell Yes I’m going to reach out and see what I can manifest

Welp! I was able to manifest a whole lot. Not only was I able to snag an interview with Golden Brooks but Angela Robinson from The Haves and The Have Nots went live with me this week too. This has truly been an amazing week!

Despite Golden being far from tech-savvy, we were able to work it out. I found out that yesterday’s IG Live was the first time Golden has ever utilized the platform’s feature. Knowing that made me appreciate and honor the interview even more. Honestly, that was probably was one of the best interviews that I’ve ever done– crappy WiFi signals and all. Golden has a way of making you feel like you’re an honorary 6th Girlfriend or making you laugh, making you feel appreciated, and valued. That humbleness sometimes fades as a person’s fame grows, but Golden has remained loveable throughout.

I learned so much about Golden. We talked about everything! But little does Golden know, this interview has taught me a thing or two. One, to never doubt myself and manifestation really works. The interview is about an hour-long but well worth your time. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.



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