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Setting Goals For 2023: Create New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

As the year comes to a close, many people are looking ahead to the New Year and thinking about their resolutions. While some people may be tempted to set generic goals like “get fit” or “save money,” it can be more effective to set specific and achievable goals. I want to show you how to […]

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I’m Claire.
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Mid-November last year, I went to the hospital for what I thought was going to be gas or Costochondritis. I had no idea that it would turn into a health scare that would have me spending a night in the hospital. Looking back, there were some warning signs that I didn’t pay attention to. I […]

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Brooke Burke is on a mission to help women and men become better lovers of themselves. As we approach the holidays where food is the number one staple at gatherings, Burke knows that many people can’t enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty or overindulging. “When it comes to food, I hate this word diet. I […]

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Now is a better time, more than any, to explore natural and effective ways to promote good health. With an influx of physical and mental related illnesses, I’m always trying to figure out what remedies would work best for getting a good night’s sleep or lessening my anxiety… to me, that’s considered living my best […]

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It’s been said that by February many people will give up on their New Year’s resolutions. I found out that there’s a higher chance of keeping your resolutions if you made a few lifestyle changes. Since technology continues to advance, I figured there has to be some cool apps and gadgets that can assist a […]

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Throughout my journey to fulfill my dreams, no one ever warned me about the amount of frustration that I would have to deal with. At times those overwhelming bouts of frustration can lead to a deep depression. Every year around my birthday and toward the new year my feelings of frustration are at its peak. […]

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Everyone has a fitness journey but Caprice O’Bryant‘s story is one of those that’s inspiring. Caprice O’Bryant is a NASM certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and certified boot camp instructor. She’s also the owner and head trainer of Excuse Free Fitness, Inc., a training fitness studio located in Homewood, IL. Watch my FB Live with Caprice […]

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Last time I spoke to sexpert Tyomi Morgan  it was for my #WCW Series. Now she is back by popular demand for a healthy discussion regarding sex. The “Glamazon” revealed how weight gain affects your sex life and addressed how intimacy affects athletic performance.   This was a fun discussion and I look forward to […]

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I think that it’s safe to say that we can use some healing of the mind, body and spirit. For my #WCW Series, I’m highlighting a woman who has demonstrated an unparalleled strength in all of those areas. Today’s #WCW Series is with Holistic Practitioner, Rashidat Boston. Rashidat Boston is a Chicago-based, Spiritual Leader & […]

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Tuesday June 20th, was officially “The First Day Of Summer”. While some are searching for the hottest swimming suit, the rest of us are scoping the latest fitness/active gear. Don’t judge us! Once again, I headed over to FOX 32 Chicago (I’m starting to love them) to feature this summer’s newest must-have active/fitness gear, from […]

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Recently, I had a chance to share with WCIU viewers, some products to help spring clean their home. Now we need to spring clean our temple aka body. Since I seem to have trouble in this area, I reached out to health & wellness expert, AD Dolphin. A.D Dolphin has has helped transform the waistlines of […]

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The saying goes “New Year, New Me” but shouting the mantra doesn’t seem to hold true for most. As the hype of the New Year descends, so does the ambition to keep our resolutions. We tend to fall back into old comfortable habits and repeat the same unhealthy cycles. If you’re really serious about making life changes, […]

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Hey Guys! Lately I have been on a mission to lose the extra pounds that I’ve gained. If you read my previous post, then you know I started working on achieving a fit bod with Barb doing spin classes. Additionally, she showed me how to  Workout Like An Olympian last week. Now I’m ready to boogie bounce my way […]

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In my last post I talked about “Working It Like An Olympian” but now I want to Workout Like An Olympian. After seeing all the toned bodies during the Olympics, I was eager to find a way to workout effectively. Trying to fit in an extensive workout with a busy schedule can be tedious. So, I […]

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Many of you may not know this but I have struggled with weight for quite some time. At the age of 8 I remember the beginning of my battle. I’ve tried everything to fight the battle of the bulge. In my later years I figured out the one thing that helped me lose weight and […]

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