December 29, 2016

Author Van Moody Reveals Foolproof Self-Help Tips For The New Year

The saying goes “New Year, New Me” but shouting the mantra doesn’t seem to hold true for most. As the hype of the New Year descends, so does the ambition to keep our resolutions. We tend to fall back into old comfortable habits and repeat the same unhealthy cycles. If you’re really serious about making life changes, author Van Moody’s new read might be all the help you need.

Van Moody is an international thought leader, people scholar, faith leader and bestselling author of The People Factor & The I-Factor: How Building a Great Relationship with Yourself Is the Key to a Happy, Successful Life. -KTA Communications Group

In the newly released “I-Factor”, Van reveals foolproof self-help tips for the new year. His idea is to build a healthier relationship internally and the external will follow. I  sat down with Van to get tips on becoming a better you this new year. He also talked about his new book “The I-Factor” and why it’s important everyone reads it.




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