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Summer Travel Must Haves 2022

June 29, 2022

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You shook the dust off your suitcase, searched high and low to find your passport, and blocked out a week or two on your work calendar. Now, only one thing stands between you and your summer travel plans: an epic packing list! 

That’s where I come in! I’ve curated my favorite summer travel must-haves to help you pack your bag and start your summer vacation off on the right foot. This summertime round-up contains products I love and use on my holidays, and I know you’ll love them, too. They’ll keep you healthy as you travel, make sure you look great while you’re away, help your prized possessions arrive in one piece, and guarantee a great night’s sleep.

Whether you’re traveling 1 mile for a staycation or 10,000 miles across the globe, these must-have items will boost your relaxation for a thoroughly rejuvenating vacation. After too much time stuck at home– you deserve to have the best vacation ever!


Dental surgeon turned Wellpreneur Dr. Tara Lalvani created Beautifect with the empowering mission to make your life easier – giving you the best beauty tools to perfect your routine no matter where you are.
Its advanced lighting system allows you to adjust your makeup for where you are going including daylight and evening mode. Beautifect Box is perfect for travel because it is lightweight, at just 3 and half lbs. It’s ultra portable so perfect for on the plane, in the car etc.

Protects your makeup during transport with a neat storage system so you don’t arrive with broken makeup and everything is easy to find.

This is not to be saved only for travel though, a complete dressing table experience from home to away – get ready anywhere comfortably in half the time with half the effort and look twice as good!
Beautifully designed, premium quality and ultra durable with luxury quilting and beautiful rose gold finishes, you’ll want to show it off!


Sebastian Professional brings innovation to the haircare industry once again, with their Dark Oil. Created with DiffusX self-evaporating technology, this unique product disappears into the hair, resulting in a smooth finish with no oily residue. Added volume, texture and shine benefits offer styling versatility and deliver enhanced body and movement.

Sebastian Professional Dark Oil is great for travel (3.2oz), because it provides effortless styling and hair care for any climate or destination. You no longer have to worry about maintaining healthy hair while you’re away from home.

Sebastian Professional Dark Oil can be purchased at Ulta or for $46.


Makari is dedicated to creating products that gently nourish and regenerate the skin through the power of plants, minerals, and marine ingredients. Formulated in Swiss laboratories, Makari offers a collection of products that are targeted to addressing the skincare needs of diverse, melanin-rich skin, including: hyperpigmentation, excess oil production, hydration, and aging.

The Makari UV Clear Facial Sunscreen SPF 46, $36, is an invisible and lightweight facial sunscreen with SPF 46 that protects your skin from harmful UV rays without causing breakouts. The Makari Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 50, $26, is a lightweight broad spectrum formula that prevents fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage while nourishing your skin throughout the day.


AirPop was founded in 2013 with one simple mission, to create a mask that is truly for everyone and one that can be worn every day. The three pillars of their mask philosophy are Fit, Filtration and Function.

Summer is so much about travel for many families, and it is important to still have a mask with you especially in the airport, on public transportation and busy crowded areas. AirPop reusable masks provide KN95 protection you can trust with incredible comfort, soft nose cushion and contoured design that keeps the mask off your face and mouth.

Their masks are dual accredited to both KN95 and the latest ASTM F3502 standard by Intertek Labs in the US. Not only are they protective, they are comfortable and breathable. For adults, the AirPop Light SE and the AirPop Pocket are the best sellers. You can also get a case for the Pocket mask to keep it clean while on the go.

They also have children’s masks that come in blue and pink and can also fit in the case. All AirPop masks are available at Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Lowes, Staples and Prices start at $19.99 for a 4-pack.


Saatva is the luxury-made-affordable sleep company founded on the principle that everyone deserves healthy and restorative sleep. This American mattress and bedding company is innovating the sleep industry through their locally handcrafted mattresses and eco-friendly bedding. 

In addition to their award-winning, made-to-order mattresses which can be found in 5-star hotels nationwide, like The Chatwal Lodge, The Maker, and The Cornell Inn, Saatva also makes soft, breathable organic bedding like these hotel-style embroidered cotton sheets. Wrap yourself in the 5-star luxury of these elegantly-trimmed sateen cotton sheet set that includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. It comes standard in a gorgeous gift box with a matching tote for storage.

With hotels understaffed, they don’t always change their sheets. Saatva allows you peace of mind while you’re staying in Airbnb’s or hotels. You can transform any bedroom into a 5-star hotel room with $450 off during Saatva’s early access July 4th sale. You can also visit their newest location in Lincoln Park to experience their expertly crafted, premium quality products built for blissful sleep.



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