August 14, 2017

#MCM Series With Dometi Pongo

Since I’ve started my #WCW Series, I’ve wanted to show some love to the men too. Now is a good time as any. Today I’m launching my #MCM Series and the first man I’m highlighting is Dometi Pongo.

Dometi Pongo anchors Saturday morning newscasts on Chicago’s WGN Radio and formally WVON. He also hosts the Brainstorm With Dometi podcast, the Image Maker Web Series and the Artist Lounge showcase.

This young brother is out here making fast moves in Chicago. Dometi’s  intellect, charisma and drive is a clear indication that he’s crushing it.

Who’s a man you know that is crushing it? Put the link of their bio below. I might feature them. In the meantime, check out the FB Live interview above with Dometi.



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