July 28, 2016

Get The Look: French Riviera Fashion

Last night, I attended an event hosted by Grey Goose Vodka. Since Grey Goose originated in France, it was no surprise to see the culture infused in the decor. In true “Nekia” fashion, I needed to make sure that my attire reflected the theme for the evening.

Since working with one of my favorite fashion stylists, Micha Vargas Caro, I’ve been learning a few things. One tip she  gave me is: create a vision! She suggested looking online for inspiration. I headed to my main man “Google” and asked him about “French Riviera Fashion”.  Once I grasped the idea, I pieced a few items in my closet. This is what I came up with:

Photo credit: Jessica Mlinaric/ Urban Explorer

French Riviera Fashion

Going French Riviera Style for Grey Goose

I tend to pair affordable finds with high end pieces. This particular day I wanted to be comfortable and cute so I chose the following:

Red Shirt Dress/ Fedora hat/Nautical Tote/ Strappy Flats

Since I added a few simple touches, there was no need to add any high fashion items to this outfit. I really loved this simple look!




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