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Insecure’s Jean Elie & Mike Gauyo Now Needs Someone To “Send Help”

Jean Elie knows first hand how Imposter Syndrome can make you feel like you need someone to call 911…stat! The Send Help lead star and creator, along with producing partner Mike Gauyo, created a coming-of-age dark comedy series centered on a first-generation Haitian-American young man (Elie as Fritz Jean-Baptiste) struggling to overcome the challenges of […]

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I’m Claire.
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The highly anticipated second season of the anthology drama series, Truth Be Told, premiered globally Friday, August 20, 2021 on Apple TV+. The show is starring and executive produced by Academy Award-winner Octavia Spencer. Academy Award-nominee Kate Hudson also stars in her first lead role on a television series. Truth Be Told provides a glimpse into America’s […]

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The doors are now open to Club Eden! Club Eden is the fictional home to the hottest and most sensual male exotic dancers in the country and serves as the back drop where all the drama is happening on BET’s new show “All The Queens Men”. Based on the popular book Ladies Night, created by Christian Keyes, who […]

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My first introduction to Dominic Rains was in 2019 on the #OneChicagoDay red carpet. Upon approaching me and before our interview, he sweetly brushed my hair out of my face. That was a moment that I never forgot about him. His natural kindness and thoughtfulness seemed to be unmatched. Dominic Rains stars as Dr. Crockett […]

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In just about any movie that calls for a tough/bad guy, you’re more than likely going to see Emilio Rivera. Raised in the tough streets of LA, Rivera explained that he had no choice to be tough. Losing a fight in the streets could mean getting beat at home by his father so, that persona […]

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TC Carson

The ’90s were such a special time for TV sitcoms. There were so many good ones to choose from. If you were anything like me you had a line-up of TV shows to watch for the whole week… and Living Single was definitely on my list. There was something about seeing four successful black women […]

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The internet has been buzzing (good and bad) all weekend, about Tyler Perry’s new Netflix film A Fall From Grace.  Disheartened since her ex-husband’s affair, Grace Waters (Crystal Fox) feels restored by a new romance. But when secrets erode her short-lived joy, Grace’s vulnerable side turns violent. An electrifying thriller co-starring Phylicia Rashad, Bresha Webb, Cicely Tyson and […]

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A few months back while on Facebook, I came across this information thread about Daphne Maxwell Reid. Most of America fell in love with her as Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Through her TV persona you tend to think you know who she really is but there’s many layers to Mrs. Reid. […]

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Last week the cast of Shameless filmed throughout the Chicago land area. Shameless follows the life of a alcoholic man that lives in a perpetual stupor, while his six kids cope as best as they can. Some lucky fans got the chance to watch the action go down and take selfies with the cast. After […]

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Laughs, laughs and more laughs is generally what happens when you’re around Marlon Wayans. Oh, you might want to add silliness. This feeling of happiness is what he intends on bringing to you every week on “Marlon“ Marlon centers on a loving (but sometimes inappropriate) father committed to co-parenting his two kids with his very-together […]

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All of my close friends understand my love for “Netflix & Chillin’ “by my(damn)self. Seriously. It’s the best thing ever! It’s also the only way to avoid any interruptions while binge watching a TV show or indulging in a movie. So, it’s definietly not uncommon to find me cuddled up in bed alone, snacking on […]

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A couple of months ago, I took you behind the scenes of all the hottest NBC Chicago shows. Tonight, Chicago Fire reaches a milestone and I had a chance to celebrate it with Eamonn Walker (Chief Boden). Chicago Fire launched a series of Dick Wolf spinoffs and continues to bring in the high ratings. Eamonn reveals […]

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Today is Wednesday and once again I took the time out to highlight another woman “crushing it” in their field. As I stated in my previous post, I wanted to put a positive spin on the hashtag #WCW. So, I’m following up my #WCW series with V103’s Bioncé Foxx after kicking it off with NK Gutiérrez. Bioncé […]

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