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I’m a former TV news anchor and traffic reporter who found it more fulfilling to remove myself from the 9-5 scene and create digital content. Some call it crazy, but for me, it’s all about taking risks and living out my passion….and nothing lights me up more than empowering others to chase their wildest dreams, while I do the exact same.

As a freelance entertainment and lifestyle media personality navigating the ups, downs, joys and the “Is this really my life?!”


started from the bottom, now i'm here....

real talk:

After spending more than a decade working the nonstop grind of early mornings, late nights, (all with a constant smile on my face) to fulfill a goal of becoming a national TV host, I was tired AF. My requests for a seat at the table were met with resounding "NOs!" 

Did I give up on that dream? No way! I ask questions for a living. Some questions are lighthearted (like that time I asked Amy Schumer whether she had any alcohol at the beginning of our interview). But I needed to turn my hard-hitting questions inward. I asked myself why I was feeling discouraged. Was it because of societal pressures that made me feel like I hadn’t “made it” by a certain age? And of course, the constant refrain in my head kept asking “WHEN WILL I MAKE IT NATIONALLY?” 

I found my answer after listening to Louise Hay’s Experience Your Good Now. It wasn’t my circumstances that needed to change. It was my way of thinking. 

Instead of looking for a seat at the table, I needed to create my own damn dining set. 

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“With the world inundated with negativity, Nekia prides herself on providing a positive alternative news narrative to those listeners who want to laugh, uplift and empower. ”

NEKIA NICHELLE is an entertainment/lifestyle reporter + expert, TV host, and pop culture commentator --- who serves up a vivacious personality packed with humor, integrity & savviness which has been featured on TV ONE, TMZ, Yahoo!News, NewsNation Now, and ABC/FOX/NBC/CBS affiliates. The Chicago native's self-run YouTube channel (NekiaNichelle) that highlights everything entertainment & lifestyle boasts 5MIL+ views, and counting.

Nekia started out by trying to climb the journalism ladder—only to find she hit a dead end. Nekia persevered and built her own platform. She was an executive producer & co-host of a local entertainment show, Flair TV, in a Top 3 market which gave artists such as Nelly, Robin Thicke, Tia Mowry, Newt Gingrich, and Queen Latifah a positive platform to talk about their careers, life and more.

Nekia has a vivacious and infectious personality that really knows how to captivate audiences which eventually lead her to working in radio as an on-air Traffic Reporter for Chicago’s top stations, after spending four years as the producer, host, and writer of Flair TV.

Before deciding to join iHeart Media, she had already made a name for herself covering star-studded red carpets, making constant on-air TV appearances, and hosting different events. That led to her becoming a morning news anchor in Northern Illinois and leaving radio.

As she was embarking on this new journey, she discovered that she was not living in her purpose.

Nekia found it more fulfilling to remove herself from the 9-5 scene and create digital content. Some call it crazy, but for her, it’s all about taking risks and living out her passion….and nothing lights her up more than empowering others to chase their wildest dreams, while she does the exact same. 

For over a decade, Nekia contributed digital content to, (an online publication powered by The Chicago Tribune), has served as a spokesperson for many brands, and provided red carpet coverage.

Nekia is all about using her platform to motivate and empower people to live their best lives, with substance & style. She's launched a new entertainment + lifestyle digital media outlet,, where she's the Editor-In-Chief and providing a space for other writers to tell their unique stories.

She has been featured in magazines such as Rolling Out & N’Digo, as well as on radio stations, like WGN Radio, WVON & Power 92.

She’s has appeared on national and local TV shows as a guest host, correspondent, and expert; mainly, TV One’s Fatal Attraction. Her expertise has been featured on Dr. Phil, NewsNation Now, Steve Harvey Show, Yahoo! News, TMZ LIVE, WCIU, CBS 2 Chicago, FOX 32 Chicago, Good Day Chicago, ABC 7 Chicago and more.

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I serve up a vivacious personality packed with humor, integrity & savviness which has been featured on TV ONE, TMZ, Yahoo!News, NewsNation Now, and ABC/FOX/NBC/CBS affiliates


Olay, the skincare brand, was one smart cookie to snag me to be their spokesperson on the Dr. Phil show. I'm the go=t0  for lively segments on the top news stations in the 3rd largest market!


No worries! Just contact me and let's see how we can make it happen. When it involves a camera, you can count on me to deliver!


What's his MF'n Name??!! 

Snoop Doggy...Dogggggg, Snoop Doggy...Dogggggg

I can't help but sing that song when I see him. Snoop is a low-key comedian. I could have talked to him all day. I really didn't want this interview to end.

Ne-Yo & his beautiful voice

What a guy! I got a chance to go on the set of NBC's "The Voice" and have a candid convo with him

Not only that....he actually helped me surprise my friend with a video message of him singing "Happy Birthday!" to her.

xo, Halle

Halle Berry is the ultimate class act. I'm still waiting on having another interview with the starlet

During the red carpet for "Kidnap", Halle spoke to every outlet (big or small). Her love and support for working media and black media outlets make me love her even more. 

straight from my


She is such a beautiful person inside & out.

Let me tell you how awesome she is! She did our interview make-up free, no-filter because she didn't want to keep me waiting. Her heart <3

Brandy is the only Cinderella I know...

Ashley Graham embraces body positivity and is unapologetic about her voluptuous curves!

Ashley = model behavior... and I love it. This was such a fun interview. She shared some tips + tricks on how to pose for the camera...and we sang the theme song of Sister, Sister together.

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