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Add Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 2 To Your V-Day Binge Watch List

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Netflix’s fan-favorite series Love Is Blind is back with a whole new season! Season one kept us on the edge of our seats and wanting to know if love is truly bling. Season two returns with the drama, romantic, magic and heartbreak as a new batch of hopeless romantics […]

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I’m Claire.
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Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a shift in the workforce. A lot of people had to figure out new ways to make money. When times get tough, people get an entrepreneurial spirit. According to the Census Bureau, more than 4.4 million new businesses were created in the U.S. during 2020 — […]

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Well, Christmas is next week. It seems like it was just Thanksgiving last week. If you are scrambling and still don’t know what you are going to get your family this holiday season, I got you! I headed over to Daytime Chicago to share with you and their viewers some last minute unique gifts to […]

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Gas prices have skyrocketed since 2014. The record high prices are certainly going to put a dent in your bank account this holiday season. During this time of year many people are traveling from state to state to spend time with friends/family. With holiday travel ramping up, many are wondering how inflation is going to […]

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Once the whole world shut down at the beginning of 2020, so did the opportunity for me to go on-set and do any lifestyle segments. I was a little worried how that would affect my livelihood. Thankfully, the world adjusted and I was ahead of the game digitally. I had all the equipment to handle […]

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If you live in Chicago, then you know that the days of effortless glowing skin are coming to an end. The blistering cold winters are extremely harsh on your skin and preparation is the best defense. So I headed over to Daytime Chicago to share with you and their viewers some tips and tricks, as […]

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Since today is National Chicken Wing Day, I wanted to share a recipe that is quick, absolutely delicious, and addictive. One night I cooked these wings for Family Game Night, along with some Buffalo Wings. Let’s just say that the pan of Thai Chili Wings disappeared within a blink of an eye. The family thoroughly […]

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BY BRITTANY KULICK A study published in USA Today reveals that 47% of people say the first thing they notice about a person is their smile. Are you happy to show yours? When we watch movies, the actors’ pearly whites glisten on the big screen. I’m going to let you in on their porcelain-covered secret– […]

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The daylight is staying out to play a little longer and summer is soon to return. So it’s only right that we shed our old winter skincare habits and spring up our beauty routine. Since we’re still in a pandemic and masks are still a thing in some states, these beauty options will still refresh […]

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Phor Black Ink Crew Chicago

Since the show Black Ink Crew Chicago aired, I’ve interviewed many cast members from the popular VH1 franchise. The reality show gives a closer look at the lives of local tattoo artists. Right on the cusp of the show’s success, one crew member decided to share his music with the world. Chicago rapper Phor released […]

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The internet has been buzzing (good and bad) all weekend, about Tyler Perry’s new Netflix film A Fall From Grace.  Disheartened since her ex-husband’s affair, Grace Waters (Crystal Fox) feels restored by a new romance. But when secrets erode her short-lived joy, Grace’s vulnerable side turns violent. An electrifying thriller co-starring Phylicia Rashad, Bresha Webb, Cicely Tyson and […]

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Saved By The Bell!! School is back in session soon, and kids will need supplies. Lifestyle expert Nekia Nichelle has a few trendy tech items for your student this season. Items range from apps to technical learning tools and more. Artie 3000/ FETCH/ Kinzoo/ The Morph

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The cat is out the bag! Nekia Nichelle has officially resigned as the Traffic Reporter for iHeart Media stations (WVAZ/V103, WGCI and perviously on KISS-FM & WLIT). The on-air talent will now be joining WTVO (ABC) & WQRF (FOX) co-anchoring their morning news. “Words can not express how thankful I’m to Nexstar and my new […]

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TV One’s popular crime drama series premieres tonight with an all new grisly murder involving a senior citizen that was gunned down in Chicago. The episode will uncover if the murder is gang related or a case of love gone wrong. Nekia appears as a commentator on the show guiding viewers through uncovering the details […]

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Nekia Nichelle appeared on TMZ Live to discuss Michael Jordan slapping Charlotte Hornets’ player, Malik Monk. Although not the popular opinion, Nekia thought the slap was no big deal. “I know you guys are not going to agree with me but I do believe it was all in love”, Nekia told the TMZ staff during […]

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